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So, just imagine, what if we gave you the power to create even more elegant & unique story sites, build a HUGE list at the same time & ALSO take your website traffic & commissions to the next level without spending any extra time or money because I'm sure that without doing so, you are leaving a lot of money on the table.

Sounds crazy! Right?

I know you are curious about HOW, so without further ado, let me pull up the curtains.
Here're few awesome features you'll get today with our TopStorySites Elite Edition
First, with this upgrade you’ll get 15 premium themes to tweak your story sites anyway you like (Valued at $1600)
Along with the 5 themes you got with TopStorySites, you'll get 10 MORE color themes so TOTAL 15 themes to make you STUNNING, UNIQUELY designed and beautiful story sites.

We’ve designed several high converting themes from the ground up to make you more money. These have been tested and PROVEN to convert.

So, now you can easily build entirely unique & professional sites with just 1 click & improve conversions hands free.

Now your traffic gets to a much more relevant, targeted website which allows you to more easily convert them into leads or buyers. And so, you can build professional sites, improve commissions hands free.
Second, get 10 attractive promo templates to have an endless supply of affiliate commissions and sales (Valued at $1300)
Now, you can easily capture visitor’s attention and have an endless supply of fresh and hungry prospects. No coding, no imagining what looks good and what works, we already did the hard work for you. Just choose a template, edit it and you’re ready to rock in few seconds.

If you think we’re done, but there’s something HUGE that I haven’t revealed yet. Here’s our MASTER feature that will amaze you completely…
Third you’ll unlock our "Lead generation system" to build a HUGE list with 20 PROVEN converting and ready-to-use templates (Valued at $1900)
Before telling you, what’s included in it, I am going to explain how it's going to boost your list and ultimately your profits.

Let’s Have a Look

Let’s say 100 visitors land on your story site, and 40 of them see your affiliate promo and click on your affiliate link. Out of these 40 visitors, let's say 5%, that is 2 people buy the product and you get the commission. The other 98 leave your story site and never come back, and you just wasted 98% of your traffic.

After Plug-in Lead Generation System

Now, let’s say you have plug-in this lead generation system and you send the next 100 visitors to another story site. After staying for 20 seconds, visitors see a proven to convert form offering a GIFT. You also lock them in to fill out the form and they read the complete info. Let’s say 40 of those visitors opt-in. You see, that's 40 new subscribers getting added to your list just by implementing the system.

Now, when those 40 visitors’ opt-in, you can redirect them to your affiliate link and send them an email with the affiliate link. By doing it that way, all those visitors will see your affiliate offer immediately.

Let’s just say out of the 40 you get 2 buyers as usual.

It doesn’t stop there, though because you got 38 other new subscribers who haven’t bought, yet. They will also check the emails you sent them, and ultimately emails send them back to your affiliate offer, so you'll probably pick up a couple more sales right there.

That’s not all, because you also have a list that you can build a long-term relationship with, and promote other things to them to make some affiliate sales.

Suddenly, you have increased your profits 5-fold, and it still doesn’t even count the lifetime value of each subscriber.

It’s well known that the money is in the LIST, and every new subscriber added to your list is worth $1/subscriber/ month.

Imagine, if you can get only 5,000 visitors to your story site in a month, that is 2000 new leads/month, and ultimately, you'll earn an additional $2,000/month of RECURRING, STEADY INCOME for you.

To make it a reality, with TopStorySites Elite edition, you’ll get 20 ready-to-use and PROVEN lead templates to collect almost every visitor’s details.
It takes a lot of work and talent in planning the design requirements. Our highly appealing and clean designs are custom built, with an affiliate marketer’s requirements in mind.

No coding, No imagining what looks good and what works, we did all the hard work for you. You just choose a template, edit the call to action text and image to create a beautiful, crispy and effective Lead gate in seconds.
Fourth, works seamlessly with all major autoresponders
(Valued at $1300)
We went even further to make it work easily with all major autoresponders like MailPrimo, MailZIngo, Aweber, GetResponse, etc. and many others, which is a huge added value.

It’s hard to explain the flexibility of system in words, you have to experience it for yourself.

The main thing is we are not asking any monthly fee for it. This lead generation system alone is worth more than what you gonna invest on this entire Elite Edition upgrade.
Fifth, Maximize ROI from your leads with webinar integration
(Valued at $1200)
With Elite edition, we are making it easier for you to integrate a webinar with your story site. So, when someone fill the form, they automatically will get registered for webinar & you can get Maximum ROI.

For webinar integration, just put API key inside the box and you are ready to get more registrants without losing a single lead.
However, we are not stopping yet. In fact, there is a huge component that I have not yet revealed. So, let’s move to the next awesome feature:
Sixth, Set an AUTOMATION RULE to share a post to UNLIMITED Facebook groups at once (Valued at $1400)
Facebook is filled with oceans of traffic. But, how to tap into that traffic remains an unsolved mystery for countless marketers.

Now, you can breathe easy as with this unique feature, you can easily drive hordes of laser targeted traffic from unlimited Facebook groups, pages and timeline with just the click of a button on complete autopilot.

With, TopStorysites main offer, you must share one by one to each group but with Elite upgrade, you can post to Unlimited groups, pages at once & also set Automation Rule to do it on 100% hands-free.

Ultimately, you can save time and energy for driving traffic manually, and get the best results for your efforts.
Seventh, drive tons of viral traffic with 5 stunning social media templates (Valued at $1300)
These stunning social media templates have been custom- designed for you to drive tons of hungry buyers from social media for your offers. That way, you can MULTIPLY the traffic with no extra efforts.
Eighth, make sites more attractive by adding images from media library (Valued at $1000)
Eye-catchy images are the best way to attract attention of audience and get them hooked to your affiliate sites. Yep, TopStorySites Elite Edition gives you the power to upload attractive images from library and grab their attention by the neck to boost sales and commissions like you always wanted.
Isn’t that SUPER Cool?

We've never offered features like this before, and this is your only chance to get them.
And you get all this at an unparalled price
Now, for getting all these benefits, you don’t have to pay hundreds of dollars a month. Ultimately you are saving thousands of dollars monthly with us, & every dollar that you save, adds to your profits. My friend, it’s hard to explain the flexibility of the system in words, you have to experience it by yourself.

Now I think we’d better do a quick recap of everything that you are getting by Upgrading to TopStorySites ELITE Edition, because we flew through it pretty quickly.
Only with TopStorySites Elite Edition
10 MORE premium themes to tweak your story sites anyway you like
Valued at
10 attractive promo templates to have an endless supply of affiliate commissions and sales
Valued at
Build a HUGE list with 20 PROVEN converting and ready-to-use templates
Valued at
Works seamlessly with all major autoresponders
Valued at
Maximize ROI from your leads with webinar integration
Valued at
Share a post to UNLIMITED Facebook groups, pages and timeline at once
Valued at
Drive tons of viral traffic with 5 stunning social media templates
Valued at
Make sites more attractive by adding images from media library
Valued at
You’ll get all these benefits at an unparalleled price
(Super Awesome)
Most importantly, 5X more traffic and commissions

Total Value
So, what’s the price for this TopStorySites Elite Edition?
Considering all the pro features, I kept the price of this Elite Edition incredibly affordable. In fact, each of our extra features of the TopStorySites Elite edition is GOLD, and a MUST HAVE.

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